Rory Eddings

Sales Manager
Antenna Research Associates

Speaker: Caelus, the New Standard for Satellite Communications Auto-AQYR (Acquire) Antennas.

A 35-year satellite communications veteran, Mr. Eddings career has included operations, engineering, technical support, sales and business development roles. He has led sales and business development efforts focused on commercial, government and military roles with both U.S. and foreign entities; working with satellite antenna and amplifier manufacturers as well as service providers. Mr. Eddings is a US Army veteran and graduated from various US Army Satellite based courses, in addition to serving as an instructor. Mr. Eddings has provided GVF training and has been an active member of the GVF and associated organizations, working on disaster recovery initiatives and networks. He has traveled to over 80 countries representing the interests of the satellite community, and the organizations and companies he has represented.

Presently, Mr. Eddings provides sale and marketing management of AQYR products. He is responsible for global sales of the existing two way products, and leading the marketing and business development efforts at AQYR.