Mr Troy McCann

Founder and CEO

Speaker: Startup Space 2018 Entrepreneur Pitch Contest

Troy has been passionate about space and the future of humanity since seeing the moon in detail through a telescope as a small child. But growing up in Australia with no space industry, he had resigned to the idea that this career was never going to be an option. This changed later in life while completing a degree in electrical engineering at the University of Melbourne when he learned of ‘cubesats’ which led him to found the Melbourne Space Program, a volunteer body concerned with the development of the Australian space industry.

Troy mixed his passions for technology and entrepreneurship together through multiple businesses started during and after graduating university, before starting Moonshot: a global alliance of 60+ space pioneers each investing their time, money and connections to level up new space-tech founders, operators and investors through special programs and other opportunities.

Moonshot has so far made $800k of investments, currently valued at over $10.3 million, helping create a space ecosystem worth $143 million, and are actively raising new funds, incubating and accelerating new space startups, and on-boarding new mentors.

Troy also runs an in-space manufacturing company, Nebula, which is developing an on-orbit electronics and semiconductor manufacturing facility.

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