Ole Sivertsen

Senior Vice President, Maritime
Global Eagle

Speaker: Building the Ultimate Entertainment Package: Content Consolidation in the IoT, OTT Ecosystem

Sivertsen has 20 years of experience transforming technology innovations into business value. His leadership of commercial organisations at Citrix, RES Software, Sun Microsystems, Telenor MCP, EVRY and Global Eagle has delivered significant growth through relentless focus on helping customers solve core challenges and improving their business.

His sales and leadership philosophy is all about making others successful; Empowering employees to be successful creates a great workplace, inspiring them to make customers successful creates a great company. Driven by this philosophy and Executive Management Education at INSEAD, Sivertsen crafted his “Blue Ocean Sales Framework” to transform sales organisations into trusted business advisors.

Ole has extensive experience from Digital Transformation, Customer Experience and Business Innovation combined with Mobile Technology. He strives to help customers tap into the full potential of digital through extending the experience expected “at home” to maritime and “off the grid” places.

Sivertsen frequently shares his vision, knowledge and strategies at maritime events and conferences. His presentations offer real-life examples bringing ideas to life, delivering takeaways that immediately translate into action and powerful results.