Guido Neumann

Managing Director
CETel GmbH

Speaker: Energy, Industry and Mining: Serving New Big Data-Driven Markets

Guido Neumann is Co-Founder and Managing Director of CETel, a German provider of global satellite, fiber and wireless enabled communications solutions. After serving in the German Armed Forces and NATO as an officer in Command, Control and Information Systems, he moved to a German IT consulting firm initially as a military consultant. Together with his team he founded and built up a new Teleport division in order to serve the LMI-1 satellite, which was launched at that time.
After collecting further, valuable experiences with customers around the world as the global CCO for a worldwide active IT company, he returned to the Teleport business. Seeing the opportunity for improvement and optimization, Guido and his long-term colleague decided to start their own business and founded CETel in 2004.
Having successfully started several satellite-based services in the Middle East and Africa for customers from different industries, CETel built up their own Teleport facilities from scratch in 2006.The CETel Teleport is located close to the cities of Cologne and Bonn in Germany and has expanded constantly over the last years. In addition CETel is operating own equipment, hosted at partner Teleports worldwide.
CETel’s managing team has successfully executed several M&A activities and included services and staff into the CETel organization, e.g. the acquisitions of Plenexis Services, ND Satcom Managed Services, Geolink, formerly SeaMobile Europe, or Onlime Managed Satellite Services.
Today CETel offers tailored and independent turnkey solutions in order to provide the best fitting setup for their customers, taking into consideration different network designs, hybrid communications solutions, newest technologies, best fitting equipment and flexible service levels.
Besides of managing and further growing CETel, and his passion about the global satellite industry, Guido's focus lies on his family, his friends and his charitable Foundation. Founded in 2015 the "Guido Neumann Foundation" actively supports humanitarian help and the protection of animals and nature.
Guido is 51 years old, has a University degree in Computer Science, is happily married and has two children.