Anthony Baker

Global Satellite Vu

Speaker: Imagery and Sensing for Industry: The Incredible, Insatiable Demand for Environmental Data

Anthony Baker is the CEO of Global Satellite Vu an earth observation company specializing in high frequency imagery and situation awareness information derived from automated monitoring and analytics. His aspiration is to enable every nation to be a space nation, owning and operating their own satellites with a new class of low cost high performance satellites. Anthony also provides advisory services to new technology companies. Anthony has over 20 years’ experience in innovative satellite companies with roles in both commercial and government organisations. In his previous employment, Anthony held the position of acting-CEO and Chief Strategy Officer at Es’hailSat – The Qatar Satellite Company, which was built from a company consisting of a handful of staff to a self-sustaining knowledge-based company of nearly 100 staff and two satellites. Anthony helped formulate a business plan and staff training programme for nationals which provides Qatar with a true independent capability; Anthony wishes to replicate this success with Earth Observation in the region. Formerly, he was Vice President at SES where he participated in a range of activities including space development, satellite procurement, spectrum management, and business development. He has also worked for AsiaSat in Hong Kong and NATO in Europe.