Mr. Jeff Smith

Startup Space Project Manager
Space Frontier Foundation

Speaker: Startup Space 2018 Entrepreneur Pitch Contest

Jeff is currently a Material Control Analyst for Ball Aerospace in Boulder Colorado. Outside of work Jeff volunteers for numerous space organizations in four main areas of business development, journalism, finance, and education, which often overlap. For business development, he hosted and organized Startup Space at the SATELLITE 2017 conference on behalf of the Space Frontier Foundation. For journalism, he is a Writer and Editor for NewSpace News which is a monthly article that reports on the current events in the New Space Industry. For finance, he helped the Space Finance Group with the creation and editing of the new Integrated Space Plan, which is a timeline of our future in space for the next 100 years. For education, Jeff is on the National Space Society's Space Ambassador Committee, he is a mentor to Ball Aerospace’s summer interns through BIRST (Ball's Intern Remote Sensing Team), a guest speaker/judge at the 2016 & 2017 Cities in Space Student Conference & Competition, a judge for AIAA's 2017 Rocky Mountain Student Paper Conference; and finally Jeff is also volunteering bi-weekly at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science as a Galaxy Guide where he presents space & STEM education to inspire every guest of the museum to never stop reaching for the stars!
He served five years in the US Air Force as a Logistics Readiness Officer. He has a BA in Communications and an MS in Space Systems Operations Management. He has been a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics since 2009, and the National Space Society since 2011.