Joshua Marks

Executive Vice President, Aviation Connectivity
Global Eagle

Speaker: Financing HTS Growth- GEOs, MEOs, LEOs

Joshua B. Marks is Executive Vice President, Aviation Connectivity at Global Eagle Entertainment, Inc. (GEE). Mr. Marks previously served as Senior Vice President, Operations Solutions from August 2015 through June 2016. Prior to GEE, he served as CEO of Marks Systems, Inc. (d/b/a masFlight), an aviation big-data analytics company that GEE acquired in 2015. Other previous positions included CFO and a Director of eJet Aviation Holdings; Executive Director of the American Aviation Institute; Senior Executive of MAXjet Airways; and Associate Director of the George Washington University Aviation Institute. He also held key roles at Virtualis Systems and VelociGen. Mr. Marks holds a BA and an MBA from Harvard University.