Mr Mark Boggett

Seraphim Space

Speaker: SGx Keynote Series & Speed Mentoring at SATELLITE 2018

Mark is co-founder and CEO of Seraphim a space focused investment firm with offices in London, San Francisco and Singapore. The group includes Seraphim Space Venture Fund, the world’s first VC fund focused on space, management of Seraphim Space Investment Trust Plc, a $300m growth fund listed on London Stock Market and the Seraphim Space Accelerator a global programme operating on three continents twice per year. The Seraphim portfolio includes companies such as Iceye, Hawkeye 360, LeoLabs, D-Orbit, Spire Global, Voyager and AST. With over 100 space companies in the portfolio the organisation is the most prolific investor in the sector globally. Seraphim operates under the Generation Space brand in the US market.