Guy Perez

CTO and Head of Telecom Satellites
OHB-System AG

Speaker: Advances in Earth Imagery and Data Capturing Technology

Guy Perez has more than 35 year experience in the Satellite Industry. He started his career in Aerospatiale (Cannes) in 1985 as an engineer dealing with system studies and technical management of some Telecommunication / Earth Observation subsystems. He was then deeply involved in the realization of the very first Spacebus satellite family having several key engineering positions from electrical architecture to technical lead prior being promoted to project management in 1995. Within the change of Aerospatiale to Alcatel Space and then Alcatel Alenia Space, he managed up to 4 different satellite projects for the benefit of various worldwide satellite operators. In 1999, he created and drove the Spacebus product line and its latest innovation Spacebus 4000, leading in parallel to success the 1st commercial application of that platform in 2005 (customer SES Americom, former GE-Americom). After the acquisition of Alcatel Alenia Space by Thales (TAS), he then managed 3 other projects and was promoted as Head of the telecommunication satellite directorate with full responsibility over bids, projects, Rand D till 2011. He was then called by Thales International to supervise their transverse Operations in Latin America as COO and led as CEO a 100% Thales subsidiary in Sao Paulo mainly dealing with Air Traffic Radars, Defense and Space activities over Brazil.
Back to Space early 2014, he joined OHB System in Bremen as Chief Technical Officer coordinating technology developments and leading System Engineering.
In January 2016, he was appointed Head of the Telecom directorate and member of the OHB Executive Board of Directors.