Jennifer Manner

Senior Vice President
EchoStar Corporation

Moderator: Interplay Between Spectrum and Standards in 5G

Speaker: Space Sustainability

Jennifer A. Manner is Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at EchoStar Corporation/Hughes Network Systems LLC where she is responsible for the company’s domestic and international regulatory and policy issues, including spectrum management, new technologies and market access. Prior to this, Ms. Manner held senior positions at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, including as Deputy Chief of the Public Safety Bureau and the Office of Engineering and Technology and Senior Advisory to Commissioner Abnernathy and leading companies. Ms. Manner has published several books on telecommunications issues including on spectrum and foreign market access, as well as scholarly articles. Her most recent book is Spectrum Wars: The Rise of 5G and Beyond (Artech House, 2021). Ms. Manner holds key leadership roles in the ITU-R sector, and trade associations. Ms. Manner is currently the chair of the Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Group, Vice Chair of the International Trade Advisory Group, Group 8 (digital goods), Chair of the Precision Agriculture Task Force, Deployment Working Group, Chair of Sub-working group 2 in ITU-R WP4C and CITEL (Americas) Co-Chair for the ITU-R WRC 2023 Network of Women Initiative. Ms. Manner also serves on the FCC’s Technology Advisory Committee and Cyber Security Interoperability, Reliability and Security Advisory Committee. Ms. Manner also serves on the Bermuda Space Council among other bodies. Ms. Manner is also an award-winning documentary film producer.