Xuyen "XT" Vuong

Chief Scientist and Vice President

Speaker: How MARS Payload Technology Can Increase Effective Power Utilization and Signal Routing for High-Throughput Satellites

Dr. Vuong is responsible for the creation and implementation of Artel’s technical vision and strategy. He leads the design of satellite links and networks that support various applications, utilizing multiple GHz of bandwidth over 60 FSS commercial satellites. A well-known and highly acclaimed member of the satellite communications industry, XT’s extensive work continues to deliver advancements via numerous studies and research, including the pioneering work on the effects of nonlinearity; the effects of rainfall and sun transit on satellite link performance; and in satellite payload technologies of MARS and ATPA Antenna. Dr. Vuong was inducted into the Satellite Hall of Fame in 2015.
XT joined Artel in 2000 from VT Tech Corp, where he led a consulting team serving numerous organizations, including NASA/Glenn Research Center on satellite technology and commercial LEO mission services to complement TDRSS; Hughes Network Systems on the design of network security and management of the Ka-band Spaceway satellite system; Motorola on traffic analysis of the Ka-band Teledesic system; and COMTECH Mobile Datacom on testing of CDMA modems on the NOAA/GOES satellite.
During his 36-year tenure in the satellite industry, XT’s expertise spans systems engineering, analysis, design, and testing of satellite payloads, earth stations and communication networks. He has worked with, and for, some of the industry’s most prominent satellite manufacturers, operators, integrators, and R&D institutions.