Carissa Christensen

Chief Executive Officer

Moderator: Wednesday Closing Session: Leading Regional Operators Assess the Industry's 5G Strategy

Carissa Bryce Christensen is a founder and Managing Partner of The Tauri Group, an analytic consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Ms. Christensen is a recognized expert in commercial space, and for 25 years has engaged the leading edge of the space industry with innovative analysis of space systems, industry economics, advanced technologies, unique regulatory requirements, and underlying demand. Her on-going work with government agencies, industry organizations, launch firms, and satellite manufacturers and operators helps decision makers better understand market positioning, future demand for space services, and competitive dynamics. For example, recent projects led by Ms. Christensen have evaluated changing orbital launch prices for commercial satellites and analyzed segments of the suborbital launch market. She is currently the external space industry expert for the sector-by-sector tier-by-tier industrial base analysis being conducted by the DoD Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP). Ms. Christensen's publications include contributions to peer-reviewed journals, industry publications, books, and conference proceedings. She has often been quoted in trade and popular media, including Wired, the CBS Evening News, Space News, and the Los Angeles Times.