Ethan Lavan

Director of In-Orbit Resources
Eutelsat Group

Speaker: Closing General Session - Are Satellite and Terrestrial Industries Converging?

Ethan Lavan, Director of In-Orbit Resources, Eutelsat

Prior to joining Eutelsat, Ethan was responsible for regulatory policy and management of service and spectrum licenses at global level for Inmarsat Global Ltd., the UK-based mobile satellite services operator, which he joined in 2002. From 1989 to 2001, he held various responsibilities at Alcatel Space Industries, including head of regulatory standards coordination for the SkyBridge broadband satellite programme. He was also in charge of monitoring advanced research programmes in space telecommunications within the framework of partnerships with the European Commission.
Ethan brought an extensive knowledge of telecommunications regulations, technologies and services in addition to experience and familiarity with the workings of regional and international bodies, including the ITU, ETSI and the European Commission to Eutelsat. This track record has further strengthen Eutelsat's ability to optimise in-orbit resources and contribute to ensuring that regulatory environments continue to allow for the expansion of satellite-based services.
An American national, Ethan Lavan graduated from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with a B.S., in Engineering and Applied Science. He began his career in 1984 in the United States at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as engineering team leader for ground facilities of the Magellan Mission, a probe that compiled a 98% radar mapping of the surface of Venus.